Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Talking about botany

How to work botany into the blog? Well I have decided on two projects that will allow me to do so. First, each week, starting next week, I will highlight a different plant, discussing things such as geographical distribution, identification, natural history, and ethnobotanical uses. The caveat of the project is that the plant must be one that I have taken a picture of. Not really a problem because I have taken lots of plant pictures in the last year. This should be a great learning opportunity for me, and hopefully any readers I have will enjoy it as well.

My second project is following the changes in the red-bud tree in front of the house through the seasons. So once a week I will take picture of the whole tree, a close up of the buds, and a skyward view of the branches. This time of year, not much appears to be going on.

Knitting Updates
I also took a picture of my progress on the shell-pattern socks. So far so good.


Kucki said...

I finally finished mine this month afer keeping them around since Project Spectrum 2006 month blue. Not because the pattern is particularily difficult, but because the needles I had in there (metal) were really annoying with the partly cotton yarn. Now they are finished and I love them. See my blog:

Sparkling Squirrel said...

How's the red bud this week?