Sunday, January 21, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Here is a picture from about 4:45 this morning. I took it with a long exposure using my tri-pod. Most of the snow has now fallen off of the trees and the road is clear.

I went back out at 7 am to take some more pictures in the daylight (though it is very cloudy and the light is flat and grey). I was rewarded by having hawk almost flying into my head. I first saw it flying very low down the middle of the street. It went into a neighbor's tree. As I was walking down to where it landed, it took flight again (which is when it nearly ran into me) and was able to shoot this picture. It is blurry, but the hawk is on left-hand side, approximately in the middle of the picture.

Later I caught a picture of it in the tree behind our garage.

It was really cool.
Oh, and pictures of my scarf. It needs blocking, which will have to wait until the weather is nice, as it is about 10 feet long and I don't have a large enough space inside the house. The closeup shows the tweedy-ness of the yarn,

Pattern - Scarf on page 80 of Victorian Lace Today
Yarn - Rowan Summer Tweed (70% Silk, 30% cotton), about two skeins
Modifications - Because I used yarn thicker than called for, I knit the scarf on size 11 needles, and worked fewer repeats of the patterns.

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Anne said...

Lovely! And now I am gonna have to get myself that book. I've heard wonderful things about it.