Friday, February 23, 2007

Random Friday Picture

Koi from the Missouri Botanical Garden's, taken last fall

Also- I do have a couple of sunflower flower post's I have been thinking about - including one about the "darker" side of sunflowers. But as I was writing them I started thinking about my unpublished manuscripts (one of which I just turned in revision's yesterday!). And this raised a lot of questions. How much of my research should I revel here before these papers are published? What is the right amount of scientific detail to go into? How do I present a sticky subject that is both fair and accurately reflects my own opinion?

The bottom line - it has taken a lot longer to write these posts than I had anticipated. So they will not be ready this week. But I am stewing the ideas and editing the posts, and they will be forthcoming soon, because it is important to me that this blog be about more than pretty pictures and the updates on my knitting. I want it to, at least from time to time, be educational about botany and ecology. But those other sunflower posts - they just aren't ready yet, and it may be awhile. Especially as next week is National Invasive Weed Week and I would like to spend time here talking about invasive plant species next week.

In the meantime - two more random picture from that trip to the Missouri Botanical Gardens

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