Friday, March 30, 2007

Death of a Hard-drive

It was a quick downward spiral from a slow computer to a complete hard-drive failure. The kicker is that because the hard-drive was failing, the CD burner would not work, nor would the computer read my USB drive. Thus there were unbacked up files on the computer. The computer guys downstairs have been fighting valiantly to save my files. I won't know the final outcome until Monday.

The good news
The computer is still under warranty (for another 75 days or so) and they already have the new hard-drive
The majority of my files are backed up. Though I will have lost some of my powerpoint lectures.
I was able to get all my photos off the computer using the card to the digital camera and the card reader. Thank goodness. I would be crying right now if I had lost all those pictures.
I don't have to work on the computer over the weekend.

Go back up your data right now!


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