Monday, March 26, 2007

Vacation Knitting

In the end, I did not take the SOAR silk with me. I am planning on using size 1 needles for this project, and the needles I have are bamboo. I was worried they would break in transit (and of course my bag ended up getting inspected. I always get inspected). Instead, I knit two hats while in Chicago - one for each of the friends we stayed with. Somewhere, sometime ago, I read about a woman who would knit a hat or a scarf for her hosts while on vacation. At the end of the trip, she would have a hand-knit host/hostest gift to give. I have always thought this was a brilliant idea, and so decided to try it out. I was able to finish one of the hats while in Chicago (for my friend Beth), and so left it with her. Of course, I did not think to take a picture. I did not finish the hat for her fiance (Josh) until after I got home. Here's a picture. The hats are both knit in a basic pattern I made up on the fly. The only difference is the yarn.

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Beth said...

woohoo! that looks neat