Sunday, April 22, 2007

100 Things - Books

32. I love to read fiction, always have. I think I should expand my horizons to read other types of books, but fiction is what draws me in.

33. When I get into a book, I don't want to put it down. I will read it while I walk to school, brush my teeth, dry my hair, and eat breakfast.

34. I try to read and knit at the same time, but I usually get so involved in the book that I forget to keep knitting.

35. I like fantasy books, but get annoyed that so many of them are trilogies (or longer).

36. I also like mysteries, especially those set in the past.

37. I don't read a book just because everyone else is.

37. I do like the Harry Potter books, but I am still mad at Rowlings for killing off Sirius Black. I only read the fifth and sixth books once each.

38. I did read almost all of the Da Vinci Code - but got really frustrated with the whole - they are almost out of danger, no they are back in trouble, now they are safe, now they are not. It was a bit tiring. I never read the last 30 pages or so.

39. I no longer feel compelled to finish a book once I start it.

40. I would be hard pressed to choose a single favorite book. Or even come up with a top ten. I often forget books once I read them.

41. A couple of years ago I started keeping a list of the books I have read. Looking over that list, even if all I have written is the title of the book brings the book back to my memory. I just need to be more consistent with remembering to write them down.

42. Since I started keeping track in the Spring of 2005, I have listed 46 books. Two I did not finish. These are just the fiction books (i.e. books read for my dissertation did not count) and I know there are many that I forgot to write down.

43. I mostly read books checked out from the library or borrowed from friends. This is due to a lack of funds and space. I would buy more books if I had more of each.

44. I count listening to audio books the same as reading a print version.

45. When I read, I have a tendency to skip to the dialogue.


Sparkling Squirrel said...

You skip the dialogue? I skip to the dialogue, often missing important points of description.

Anne said...

I think #39 is a very good one. I spent several years forcing myself to finish things I didn't want to finish - um.... probably could say the same for knitting. Now, I just put the book down and don't bother if it's not something I'm enjoying. And the knitting goes to the frog pond. Much better for me this way.