Sunday, May 6, 2007

Spiderman Three

We went to see Spiderman Three yesterday. It was a good movie, if a bit long. Not as good as the first two Spiderman movies. There are great fighting scenes between Peter Parker and Harry Osbourne. And I really liked Topher Grace's performance as Eddie Brock/Venom. But the pacing of the movie was a bit off. And seriously, if I were Mary Jane, I would learn to fight. Not just self-defense classes, but seriously learn to fight. I would like to see the movies have her learning to fight. She is not completely helpless, but it would be awesome to see her kicking butt instead of just tied up and in peril.

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Leo Ávila said...

yep, I kinda agree with you. but, seriosly, why most of the girl-mates of superheroes are always so delicate if they know they can get into trouble anytime?
sorry if my English's not perfect.