Sunday, June 10, 2007

The mystery unveiled

My mystery project is finished and no longer a mystery.
This piece of knitting was a handkercheif for my friend Beth to carry during her upcoming wedding at the end of June.

Here is the center of the piece, unblocked.

Here is the entire piece, with the edging attached, blocking. There has been a bit of drama with this knitting. Look closely at the ridge where the edge is sewn on. Can you see it? The hint of yellow?

Here is an up close picture of a yellow spot in the middle.

I was mystified for a while about what that yellow stain could be. Then I remembered, I had been handling old printer ink cartridges and ended up with yellow ink on my hands. Despite washing my hands, not all of the ink came off, until I was blocking the center portion. Let me tell you, I was very upset at myself.

Following advice from some of the women from my fiber guild, I placed the piece in boiling water containing a bit of dish soap. Worked like a dream. Whew. I really did not want to reknit the whole thing.

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