Sunday, July 15, 2007

New Mexico Travel Log Day 1

For the next two weeks I am on a Botany Expedition to the Gila River in New Mexico. I will be sharing my travel log with you, hopefully on a nearly daily basis.

On the first day, we (myself, Gi, and Q), left Lawrence, KS to head west. Our destination was the Comanche National Grasslands in southeastern Colorado, where our friend B.K. is working on her Master's degree. The first day was filled with driving. And we did not really stop much on the way. One stop that did surprise me was Salina, KS. I had never been there before, but the town is really nice. A cute little downtown with really neat looking shops. Including a yarn shop, but I did not take the time to go in. We ate lunch at a nice restaurant called Capers. I highly recommend their brownies.

There were a few interesting points of interest that I did get photos of.

Wind Farms
They look really alien and futuristic. Seeing them in person, I can understand the concern of windfarms killing off migratory birds. The windmills are massive and placed closely together. It is an impressive sight, the photo does not do them justice.

Cheyenne Bottoms
One of the largest wetlands in KS, and very important for migratory birds. I have never been there before, but know people who have worked out there. Recent floods in Kansas has left the Bottoms overflowing. The water was nearly to the road. The amount of water was impressive.

Pelicans at the Bottoms.

At about 7:00 pm we arrived in Springfield, CO and met up with B. K. We had a lovely dinner on the patio of a burrito place. All in all, a good first day.

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