Monday, November 19, 2007

Gingerbread House Mid-Century Style

For the last few years, a friend of mine in Lawrence has hosted a gingerbread decorating day at her house. Her mom, who is really into gingerbread houses, drives in from Colorado with her candy stash, construction knowledge, and expertise in frosting making. We are to bake our gingerbread house pieces ahead of time and bring them baked, cooled, and ready for construction and decorating.

My idea was to make a mid-century style gingerbread house. I had a good plan, but
as usual, I baked my pieces at the last minute (it is best to make the pieces a few days in advance so they get stale and hard, and of course the dough has to chill for several hours). So the pieces were burnt and uneven. I am so jealous of the others who had nice, pretty, even pieces.
Anyway - the house turned out fine and it was great fun to decorate.

Notice the pink flamingos (thanks to my friend D) and the War of the Worlds Style Alien (thanks to E) attacking the house. We blame the alien for the hole between the roof and the side of the house you cannot see.

It was a sticky, sugary mess - but a lot of fun to create.

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