Monday, November 12, 2007

A tale of two socks

Way back in July, I started two pairs of socks. The swimming pool socks and the Blazing Sky Hiking Socks. Since then, I have not really provided much of an update.
So what has happened to these projects? Both have, for different reasons, been sent to the frog pond.

Let's start with the Blazing Sky Socks
I was not happy with the combination of pattern and yarn. I think the yarn (handspun by me) needs a simpler pattern and the pattern needs a solid color yarn. I have some new ideas, and I may cast on later today.

Now for Swimming Pool - I finished the first sock. I am very happy with the results. I did not cast on right away for the second sock. Actually, it was a couple of months before I started the second sock. I made great progress on the second sock. I finished it on Friday night. I put the two socks side by side and . . . the second sock was HUGE. I was wondering why I ran out of yarn before finishing the second sock, but not the first. Then I realized, I must have grabbed the wrong sized needles when I started the second sock. I checked the pattern - it calls for size 1 needles. I was using size 2. ARGGGHHHHH. I had even sewn in all the ends.

You think I might have noticed the difference a few weeks ago when I took this picture - but no.

So I have restarted the second swimming pool sock, on the correct sized needles. I am so sick of knitting this pattern. It's for a Christmas gift though, so I must carry on.


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