Friday, March 14, 2008

Countdown to Spring Break

One class down. I still have two classes (one I am lecturing in, one I am giving an exam), 1 faculty meeting, and 2 student research presentations to go. Then - relief and joy can set in. I have never looked forward to spring break so much. We aren't going anywhere. I don't have any major plans. But I do have lots of minor plans

1. Get at least three lectures ahead in each of my classes.
2. Learn how to do flow cytometry - a cool technique that we actually do have the equipment for here.
3. Sleep
4. Plan for my garden
5. Clean out the garage, and finish unpacking.
6. Read at least one novel - maybe even two.
7. Watch Basketball
8. Listen to Spring Training games on the radio
9. Knit
One project I hope to finish are these socks that I started back in January. For my birthday (back in Nov.) my husband gave me these two wonderful skeins of Claudia Handpaints Yarn. I started making some colorwork socks, based off a chart in Anna Zilboorg's sock book. But other than that chart, I don't have a pattern I am working from. I hope that I can figure out what I did so far on the first one so the second one will match.

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