Sunday, June 15, 2008

Blues Run the Game

Knitting update.

Despite any reference to knitting in recent weeks, I have been productive. For your consideration, three projects in blue.

Blue Republic - Knit in yarn I spun from Bonker's Merino Top. My goal was to knit soft, bulky weight 2-yarn. I am happy with the yarn (though I need to work on consistency) and the hat. It still lacks a button embellishment.

Blue Skies Hat and Scarf Set - also from hand spun. I still need to weave in ends and block.
Close up of the scarf. This time I wanted a soft three-ply yarn. Again, need to work on consistency in spinning.
A secret sock project - the first Christmas present knitting I have finished.
Notice also the ceiling - no hole! Finally after over a month, the hole in the ceiling is repaired. Now we just need to put our living room back together.

In other news - the vertigo has subsided a bit. I actually did some gardening today!

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