Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Jayhawk in Blue Devil Teritory

They are small things.

1. The check-in personnel for the dorms leaving 10 minutes before the listed check-in time was over.
2. Being told to bring towels, when in fact they provide towels in the dorm (towels take up a lot of space in the suitcase)
3. Maps with roads that don't exist, and lacking roads that do, resulting in getting lost.
4. No hot tea, except Lipton. (I have become such a tea snob)
5. A huge splinter in my tea from the stir stick.
6. Getting lost in the gardens.
7. A knitting needle, found broken in the morning when it was perfectly fine when put away the night before (size 1, dpn, wood).
8. The incorrect internet password.
9. Changing internet password on Monday morning without telling us.
10. Really skimpy pillows.

But they do add up. Makes me wonder if the Duke Blue Devil somehow senses that SS and I graduated with Ph.D. from KU.

Actually, most of the people associated with Duke have been great. Today we were lost (again) on campus, and a really friendly woman gave us directions. I am just glad that we are not staying at the University of North Carolina.

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