Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Visitng the other side of the color wheel

In balance with all of the cool blues of recent knits, I have also been knitting on the warm side of the spectrum.

Clockwise from the top we have

Icarus Shawl - Very easy lace knitting so far. I actually knit on this quite a lot during my recent road trip and at the conference we attending. I am now someone who knits during conference talks.

Corn Head Scarf - I have started collecting plant based yarns (linen, hemp, bamboo, etc), and I saw this yarn at the recent MisKnits sale. I have also been wanting to knit headbands to hold my hair back in the summer. Perfect timing, and so I came home with corn colored corn yarn (A-MAIZing in the Ducky colorway). I chose a pattern that reminded me of ears of corn.
Purple Gauntlets - I have more to say on these, and I plan to post a more in-depth post soon. Let's just say that there are issues. These purples are warmer in real life than the picture shows.

Love yarn from the Vicki Howell Collection, also purchased at MisKnits. The color is called Peter and Mary Jane (awww, how sweet). It is a blend of 30% silk and 70% bamboo. I am not sure what this yarn will become. I had my eye on a beret pattern, then I remembered I already have an orange beret. Suggestions?

And finally, the newly named "Flame Azalea" socks, previously known as "Candy Oranges". I decided to change the name because (1) this picture of flame azaleas reminded me of the socks, and (2) these are going to Sparkling Squirrel.

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