Saturday, November 21, 2009

Snapshots of Puerto Rico: Part 1 The Canopy Walk

This August I spent two weeks traveling around Puerto Rico with my friend and colleague, P., who has conducted research at El Yunque National Forest for about 10 years. My hope is to get involved with research on Puerto Rico and take students down. P. was a great tour guide through the different habitats found in Puerto Rico.

It was an amazing trip and between us, we took over 300 photos a day. I have decided to share this trip as a series of snapshots of some of my favorite photos and experiences. Not the detailed travelogue I had originally envisioned, but hopefully you will enjoy it nonetheless.

On the first full day wandering around the jungle, we visited the canopy walk at El Yunque National Forest. It part of the El Verde Field Station, which is not open to the public. I don't remember how high up we were. Hope you aren't afraid of heights!

The view from the canopy walk.

ooking down on top of a palm tree.
Another view looking down showing the rigging we climbed up.

P. at the other end of the walk.

The little Anolis who is eating the termites that hitched a ride on P's backpack.

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