Tuesday, February 13, 2007


This past week, good friends of ours surprised us with a package. Inside the package was a small box of some of the best chocolates. They come from a small company based in Iowa. Not only were the chocolates delicious, they were beautiful, shaped in like all sorts of things. I really enjoyed them, though, in atypically fashion, I rationed them so they lasted through the weekend
Group Shot

Napoleon's Hat - filled with an orange cream?
Flower - chocolate mint (like thin mint cookies, only better)
Fan - lavender? (sorry, this one was eaten before pictures)
Picture - solid milk chocolate (same for this one)
Accordion - cherry cheesecake (this one was my favorite shape)
Rosebud portrait (with nuts on the bottom) - I think it was a kind of a hazelnut cream.
Hedgehog - smooth and silky vanilla cream (I think this was my favorite overall).
So thanks guys - this was a wonderful treat during a week that was not the best. It was a really nice pick-me-up.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,

I'm glad you enjoyed them. You would love the shop where they come from. It's like walking into a Harry Potter book; Hogsmead candy stores.

Take care,

Anne said...

They sound completely decadent. I love the details on them.