Sunday, February 11, 2007

Choose your own adventure

I loved them as a kid. Do you remember these? The book starts off with a warning - "Do not read this book straight through from beginning to end." You read the first couple of pages, and then you have a choice to make. For example

"If you go to the Mountains of the Moon, turn to page 79"
"If you travel to the headwaters of the Zaire River, turn to page 80"*

* from The Lost Jewels of Nabooti by R. A. Montgomery

If you make the right choices in the book you find the lost jewels, or escape the aliens, or save the world. But if you make the wrong choices: your could become a specimen in an intergalactic zoo, or die from an exploding mechanical dog, or you find the jewels, but discover they have been ground into powder.

And of course, I always ended up "cheating", finding the ending that I wanted and working backwards.

Anyway - often when I am surfing through blog land, I imagine that I am in a choose your own adventure. I start off at a familiar place and choose different links, just to see where I would go. The best part, there are no bad endings. Occasionally there are dead ends, but I have never been blow up or trapped in the bottom of a dark pit with no food or water.

Here are the results of a short adventure through blogland. This time I started at
One of my favorite blogs by another knitting plant-ecologist. In her most recent entry she discusses a quilt she is making, her ideas for a sock pattern that features bacteriophages (as a fellow biology geek, I love this idea), and her reflections on Anna Nicole-Smith. An eclectic post. From there I went to

Another knitting-biologist blog. The most recent entry provides instructions for making a tasty "Garbage Soup", you know the kind where you dump whatever food you have into it. Other interesting blog entries include a discussion of planning a victory garden and a report on a moth, which is described as a salt-vampire (this is a couple of entries down). From there I went to

Which is a group blog and had an interesting link to a Crocheted Coral Reef (this was a side trip, but I could not pass it up). After returning from the coral reef, I went to

A blog by a kung-fu fighting knitter. She talks about her recent trip to Stone Mountain and her training for an upcoming fight. From there I went to

Who details the various classes taken at the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival. One highlight is the start of a gorgeous mitered-square afghan, knit in tidbits of sock yarn.

So that ends my five-step choose your own knitting blog adventure. And I did not get blown up. Where will you go today?


fillyjonk said...

I remember those books!

I never thought of blog-surfing as a form of "create your own adventure" (And I always seemed to wind up getting eaten by sandworms or something), but that's an interesting thought.

Jennifer said...

I am always amazed at how many different ways you can die in those books. I remember one that I had, it wasn't in the same series, that was about being trapped in a haunted mall. It was pretty gruesome. I vividly recall being devoured by a monster escalator.