Friday, February 9, 2007

Life gets hectic

Which comes as no surprise, but does cut into blogging and knitting time. On top of it, both my and my husband are sick. No horrible flu sick (thank goodness), but respiratory virus type sick, reduced energy levels, post-nasal drainage leading to sore throat, etc. We don't feel good, but we aren't sick enough to justify staying in bed. Well, maybe over the weekend.

Anyway - this week has been busy. I am teaching two classes this semester - one with 1000 students. We had an exam in both classes this week. I find I am more nervous about giving an exam than I ever was taking an exam - what if the questions are too hard, too easy? Does it adequately reflect the material covered in class? Is it fair? And I put way more time into writing and grading exams that I usually did studying for them.

So, the blog has been a bit silent. And I am getting a backlog of things to talk about: books I want to mention, pictures of chocolates from friends, and I have not forgotten about the plants.

Maybe tomorrow.

Have a great Weekend.

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