Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Snowman Diversity

A few weeks ago, we received the perfect snowman building snow. At that time took pictures of the different snowmen I encountered on my walks. I never had the chance to walk the entire neighborhood, as I had planned, which is too bad because there were some neat ones. But the combinations of short periods of daylight and long work days conspired against me.
I was able to capture several snowpersons before they melted, and I would like to present them here.
There were well dressed snow people
This little guy was one of my favorites. He was about 1 foot tall.
Several, pure white varieties.

There was a snow dog

This guy - love his hat and the pose of his arms.

A snow person greats the day with enthusiasm.

A little guy with a wreath.
This snow person had his own hut (which is relatively new outdoor sculpture on campus)
A square headed snowman
and a two headed snowman
There was even snowman murder. I doubt the murderer was ever caught.


fillyjonk said...

There weren't any, um, snow BODY PARTS?

It was kind of a tradition at the school where I went to grad school, for the first big snowfall of the year, for one of the frats to go out and build...well, you can probably guess what body part they picked to build...on their front lawn.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

We've had snow every other day for three weeks, but still not enough of it to make a snowman. Sad.