Friday, February 16, 2007

Where have all the pictures gone?

Only three weeks into project 365 and already I failed to take a picture each day. The combination of lots of work, getting sick, and mislabelling some photos (so I was not sure which day they were from) completely de-railed me. It seemed that as soon as I said I was going to take a photo each day, it became a chore, not a joy. And in the meantime, the guilt of not keeping up with this project has prevented my from getting out the camera (that plus being sick and really cold weather). Well, I decided this was all nonsense.. I have been considering restarting project 365, but with the pictures posted on this blog as opposed to being posted on Flickr. But I have not decided yet. I do like having the daily pictorial record.

Regardless, today I decided to take pictures again. So I walked to school today, despite the cold.

I took pictures of icicles.

I forgot the card reader so I can't post the pictures

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite pictures that I took last year. Ahh for warmer times when things were growing.

Giant Wild Sunflower

Blazing Star (Liatris sp)

Chicken at the County Fair




Anne said...

I know what you mean - I've moved to trying to upload mine once a week and put a tag on them then - too much to keep up with the posting of them daily. But a fun project. You take some wonderful pictures. Maybe you SHOULD move it to your blog. :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks Anne. Now if I can just find my card reader.