Monday, March 5, 2007

Knitting from the past

Most of my past knitting projects have been given away to friends and family. I took the opportunity this weekend to photograph a few of these old projects.

First, the gnome hat that I knit for my mom. This hat was one of my earlier knitting projects and incorporates the very first handspun yarn I ever made. Several years ago, my friend Sparkling Squirrel and I took a spinning class at the YarnBarn. It was a lot of fun, and I ended up with a little bit of crazy looking handspun yarn. It just happened that the colors of the yarn were the same as those of the high school I had attended, and where my youngest sister was going at the time. My mom and step-dad were really into going to the Friday night football games. So I used the handspun as the brim of the hat. I did not spin the white yarn, it is from Henry's Attic. The pattern was one that I made-up as I went along.

I did not intend for the hat to end up so pointy, but I liked it.

"Artistic" show of the sun shining through the yarn. This is not my handspun, but the store-bought. This photo was taken while we were stuck in a huge traffic jam trying to get to The Incredible Pizza Place for my nephew's birthday (which will described in the next post).

Looking back at some of my early knitting projects, it is interesting to see how "fearlessly" I dove into creating my own patterns. (Fearlessly is in quotes because I am not really afraid, but less free with creating my own knitting patterns lately). I hope I can capture that back.

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