Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The weekend

The past weekend was full of family and fun. There was a lot of shopping in preparation, so much in fact that my youngest sister got a little goofy and made a plastic bag head-dress.

A cake was made.

Bumper-cars were ridden.
(my husband took this picture as I was riding)

Candles were lit,

though Batman did not survive the ordeal.

Toys were played with

And the baby toddled around.

There was also boomerang throwing and swinging at the park, but my camera battery ran out of juice, so no pictures of that fun. It was a nice, but busy weekend full of family.
The craziest part was going to the Incredible Pizza Company. This place is Chucky-Cheese on steroids. A huge pizza buffet (with not so good pizza) with several dining rooms. They were packed to the gills on Saturday night when we went. After dining, there are games, go-karts, bumpercars, miniature golf, ski-ball, and other fun. Though some of the games really seemed like a pre-cursor to the casinos. For many of the games the goal was to stop the light in the right spot - if you did you hit a jackpot of tickets. And of course the tickets could be turned into prizes (like plastic boomerangs and inflatable guitars). Some kids had figured out how to work the system. They stood, glassy-eyed, with a pile of tickets coiled around their feet. We stuck mainly to ski-ball. The kids had fun, the adults, not so much.

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