Sunday, March 4, 2007

Roadtrip - The southward sky

This weekend we drove down to Tulsa to visit my mom and family. The occasion was a three-generation birthday bash. My step-father, my sister, and my nephew all had birthdays in the past month or so. As everyone is busy and a bit spread out, we tend to have these birthday parties that encompass several people. Of course, most of the attention was focused on the 6-year old nephew, as it should be.

I think there will be several posts about this weekend, because I do want to write about them with some detail. I do want part of this blog to serve as my diary. And, the memories from this weekend are well worth preserving.

On the drive down, the sky was incredible. I really like trying to take interesting pictures from the car as I am riding. Here are some of the sky-scenes from our drive to Tulsa.

The sun shining through the clouds

A far-off rainshower

A giant mushroom

We also saw these ominous looking clouds right in our path.

When we reached them, there was a bit of rain, but not a lot. I wonder if we actually saw a dust storm? Or a dust/rain storm. It was much scarier looking than it turned out to be.

Finally, a blazing sunset to the west and a soft moonrise to the east, at the same time (about 6:05 pm)


marirob said...

Those sky photos are just amazing - seeing rain clouds from far away is one of my favorite things on a road trip.

Irene said...

I think my favorite is the moonrise picture. Very nice photos!

Pat said...

What a beautiful drive seen through your lens!!!