Friday, April 13, 2007

100 Things about Me - Knitting

20. Most of the items I have knit have been given away as gifts. Sometimes I forget about the things I have knit. Now, I try to get a least a snap shot of the item before giving it away.

21. When knitting in the round, I prefer double pointed needles over circular needles. I hate wrestling with the cord and the joins.

22. I have an overwhelming urge to start projects with all the yarn in my stash (to reduce the amount of yarn I have) and simultaneously buy new yarn. I don't think this is a rare phenomena (at least not amongst knit-bloggers).

23. When shopping for yarn, I like to sniff yarn. I really like the way wool and silk smell.

24. I don't have a favorite yarn. Usually I want to experience a new yarn as opposed to knitting with the same yarn over and over.

25. Yarns I have used multiple times include: Brown Sheep Nature Sport, Harrisville Yarns (love the colors) and Cascade 220.

26. I tend to knit smaller items as opposed to sweaters. I think my favorite thing to knit must be hats.

27. When I first started knitting, I really was not afraid to try new things. Now I feel like I am too precious with my yarn. What if the project I pick is not the right one? What if it turns out ugly? What if I run out of yarn before finishing the knitting? I really want to be more free in my knitting.

28. I really, really want to knit something in a silk/wool blend.

29. I also would like to knit something out of cashmere (or a cashmere and silk blend).

30. I love knitting. I used to think I was not artistic because I cannot draw. And that made me sad because I wanted to be artistic. (I think this misconception has to do with the fact that to be an art major you had to take drawing classes before getting into the other media). Knitting has made me realize that being artistic and drawing ability are not one and the same.

31. I keep my yarn labels (if I haven't lost them) in a spiral bound notebook with Legolas (from the Lord of the Rings Movie) on the cover. The notebook was given to me as a gag gift (at least I think it was a gag). Not only is Legolas on the cover, but his face is printed on every page. So I just tape the labels right over his face. I also try to write down what I made with each yarn. This sounds really organized, but it is very haphazardly done.


Stacey said...

I'm with you on #27 - I think that is what takes me so long to start a project - the worrying!

Thanks for stopping by the blog to comment on my socks! I appreciate it!!!

Sparkling Squirrel said...

For me it is too precious with my time-- not that I've knit anything since the dissertation did in my wrists, but if I knit that little I'd better knit something good.