Sunday, April 8, 2007

100 Things Part Two - Shoes

12. I don't like to wear most high-heeled shoes, they make me feel vulnerable. In fact, I don't like to wear any shoes in which I could not run away from a chainsaw wielding psychopath. This includes clogs.

13. I don't expect to need to run away from such a person, but you never know. I would hate my shoes to cause my doom.

14. The funny thing is, I am a tap dancer and I can tap-dance in 2-1/2 inch heels, no problem. Thus I think the problem with most heels is not that they are high, but they are poorly made (i.e. unbalanced). I don't have the money to buy really expensive shoes (which one may assume to be better made) to test this hypothesis.

15. I don't understand why there are not more attractive alternatives for flat shoes that are comfortable. This is the kind of thing that could make me angry if I bothered to worry about it too much.

17. If given a choice between a shoe in black, brown, and red, my first choice is always the red. Brown would be my second choice. I don't know if my preference for red is really a preference for color.

18. Right now I have only one pair of red shoes and they really need to be polished up.

19. In high school I had a pair of purple-suede ballet-slipper type shoes with ties around the ankles. I loved those shoes, but didn't wear them much. If I still had them today, I would wear them all the time.


Jenny said...

I love this 100 things about me series.

Laura said...

LOL! I never consider the need to run from a chainsaw wielding psychopath when I shop for shoes. Maybe I should.

I don't wear heels either. Mostly because I don't like them. I like your idea of breaking up your 100 things into separate posts. It makes the list easier to read.

Thanks for your comment on my blog!

Jennifer said...

When I was in college I took the whole ability to run in shoes things very seriously. I would actually test-run my shoes in the store.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

I definitely don't like any shoes that I can't walk a mile in (which is the distance to work) which eliminates flip-flops, slides, heels, clogs and almost everything else. Except I do love high heel boots (which I can teach in but couldn't run in). I love your red shoes but never really want red shoes of my own (except the boots for passing orals). I let shoes seriously limit my wardrobe choices (few skirts look good with the shoes that I can walk a mile in)

Anonymous said...

They do too make cute flats!! I will show you examples sometime.

By the way this is your sister.

Jennifer said...

Hey sis, glad to see you here. I would love to see your cute flats. I do have to admit I have not really been shoe shopping for awhile.