Tuesday, April 3, 2007

100 Things Part 1 - Cold vs. Hot

I always enjoy reading the 100 things about me posts people have on their blogs and I wanted to share some random things about me and my life. I will do this in installments rather than the whole list at once. So here goes.

100 Things about Me - Part One

1. I was born in Puerto Rico, as my dad was in the Coast Guard. We did not move back to the States until I was two.

2. I do not like cold weather, I think it is because I was born in the tropics.

3. I would rather be hot than cold. I know you can always put on more clothes. Blah - who wants to be wearing 3 pairs of pants and 5 shirts. Not me.

4. I would prefer 90 degrees to 40 degrees. I would prefer 100 degrees to 10 degrees.

5. Since I started knitting, I can tolerate the cold weather better because I can knit and wear warm woolies.

6. I don't have many memories of living in Puerto Rico, other than the lizards that were everywhere.

7. I have not been back, though I would love to go.

8. My birthday is in November. I don't like my birthday being in November, it is always brown, grey, and cold on my Birthday and I have never had an outdoor party. If I ever won the lottery I would have a beach party in Puerto Rico and all of my friends would be invited.

9. Including me, there are 7 people in my immediate family with November Birthdays. I have about 5 friends with birthdays in November as well.

10. I do like seasons. Though winter could be shorter. The seasons could be Spring, Summer, Fall, Christmas (with snow), and I'd be happy.

11. I have also appreciated winter more since I started doing field work. Winter became a time of being a home, of resting, of cozy. I just wish I could completely stay at home and "hibernate" through the really nasty days.


pat said...

I LOVE reading these about everyone else - never done one about myself....I only did the 6 weird things!!!

Anne said...

Kansas is a good place for you then. When my DH interviewed in Manhattan, KS, for his PhD, we drove thru in July and I remember looking at him and saying "Only if you can go nowhere else." HOT!

Sparkling Squirrel said...

As I am at that can't-get-warm sick stage right now, I have to remind myself that overall I disagree with you. At the moment, however, hot sounds good. Hope you're warm.