Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Return of the Laptop

I finally got my lap-top back today. I still need to assess the damage - they were not able to recover all of my files, including one that I needed. Oh well, recreating it will not be too difficult. Still.

Also gone are all my biostatistics lectures. I would be upset by this, but luckily most are on my other computer (the dinosaur). See the laptop would not talk to my printer, but the dinosaur would. So in order to print off anything, I must first send it to the dinosaur via e-mail. Most of the files I actually downloaded so I have a back up copy.

Also - all of my settings are gone as they had to reload all the software. Must turn off the sounds. I hate that annoying click sound you get whenever you select a link.

In other news - we are supposed to have a freeze tonight, and for the next 4 nights. So, no more pretty spring flowers, well I imagine as the temps are supposed to go down to 28. I don't know if I should cover my perennials or not. I probably will at least try.

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