Sunday, May 6, 2007

Stormy Sunday Morning

I was up early with the thunder and have been doing work for my classes since about 6 am. Writing exams, preparing lectures, answering student e-mails, the usual stuff. I also decided to bake a lemon pudding cake (never done this before, hope it turns out ok). So I was feeling very good about myself. I am up early and getting things done.

Then - in the pouring rain (and thunder and lightening) comes a group of runners. I guess a race, but I don't think anyone was wearing numbers. Maybe they were just training. Talk about hardcore. (And foolish in my opinion for being out with so much lightening.)

I have been doing some knitting. My current Dulaan Knit - A baby sweater with lots of stripes. I wanted to use up some of my bits of yarn. I am very pleased with how beautiful this is turning out.

I'm also working on my Folk Sock. Just have to finish the foot on the second sock. But no updated photo.

Picture of the Day

Day 3 - Lame picture of the rain coming down (we have had a lot of rain recently)

Day 4 - Another lame picture of the definitely not-lame Lilycat. This is the chair my husband works in at this computer. We have never seen Lily sit here before.

Day 5 - Newly forming leaves. You can see the dead leaves that were killed by the late frost. This is a recurring theme for many of the tree and shrub species around our neighborhood. The early leaves are dead and new green leaves are just starting to form. Since some of the plants have had to put a lot of energy into producing two sets of new leaves, I wonder if that will reduce their reproductive output this year. Of course I would need long-term data to be able to compare reproduction this year with past years that had no late frost. But still interesting to think about.

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pat said...

Oh - I love your bright beautiful baby sweater! I want to make another Dulaan sweater before the send off!