Tuesday, December 18, 2007

No Excuses

So, the ice storm did come through our area, but luckily we did hit the warmer temperatures, so most of it came down as rain. Thankfully, we did not lose power. Which means I have no excuse about why I have not posted for a week.

Christmas knitting is almost done! I just have the foot of one sock left to knit, and finishing to do on three projects. I am hoping to get all of that done tonight, so I will have plenty of time for blocking and, most importantly, drying, before we leave for my Mom's on Friday.

Because the gift knitting is almost finished, I have actually started my next projects, so I can have knitting to work on with all the traveling we will be doing for the holidays. Hopefully, I can get some pictures today of those small beginnings to share.

Have a great day!

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