Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Jan. 2nd - In which resolutions are made and knitting is shared

In the past I have not been big on making New Year's Resolutions. This year is different. I want to change certain aspects of my life and I feel like I am in position to do so. I have been a bit intimidated by writing out all of my New Year's Resolution here, because they are many and I want to explain (at least to myself) in writing my motivations, plans, and thoughts about them. A long post, needless to say (it is the potential length of the post, not the content that has been the roadblock). So today - I am listing the three main areas that my resolutions fall into, exploration of motives and specific plans will come later.

1.) Be healthier. Not original I know, but both my husband and I want to eat better and get more exercise. This a joint resolution and I feel that we are both pretty committed to it.

2.) Live life fuller. This will entail two types of changes in my life. First, reduce the amount of time watching TV. Second, consciously decide what I want to do and frankly, just do it. I spend to much time worried about how I should spend my time, and the net result is a lot of time is wasted.

3.) I am not sure the best way to word my third major resolution. The idea is to live my life less under the influence of corporate America.

All three ideas are actually interconnected, but that explanation will have to wait until another post. I need to get off to work, and I do want to share at least one of my Christmas knitting projects.

The swimming pool socks which were knit for my mother-in-law. Last Christmas I gave her a pair of handknit purple socks (purple being her favorite color). She told my husband that she would really like a pair of blue socks. The yarn is Claudia HandPaint, Electric Blue if I remember correctly. The pattern in from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks - Child's Sock in Diaper and Citrion Knitting (or something like that). The socks turned out nice, and my MIL really loved them. I did not enjoy knitting the pattern, though maybe it was because I had to knit it three time.

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