Thursday, January 24, 2008

Time is short

Yesterday I left home at 6 am, got to school at 6:35 am, left at 5:30 pm. Still had work to do when I got home, did not finish it all.

Today - went out to my yard at 6 am (in the freezing darkness) to collect twigs (their lab today was learning how to identify trees from their twigs) for my students. Left home at 6:50 am. Got to school and collected more twigs for class (it was light, but felt much, much colder than at my house). I am hoping to leave in the next few minutes - after I get my stuff gathered up.

Sigh - I have managed to get a few rounds knit on my latest hat. I have not had a chance to photograph my progress. Maybe this weekend - it is supposed to be in the mid-50's. This morning the temperature was -2 F.

The news this morning had a poll - which would you prefer, a 100 degree day or a 0 degree day? I would most definitely take the 100 degree day. How about you?

And since I have not had any pictures lately, a reminder of warmer days.

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